The “Say Goodbye to Acne!” Kit

Your DIY path to clear skin with support from your Acne Specialist.

Hey Gorgeous!

If you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you’re just like many of my clients.

You’ve struggled with acne for years, maybe even decades.

You’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of your acne.

You’ve been to several dermatologists and tried every prescription they’ve offered; topical creams, antibiotics, spironolactone, probably even accutane (for some of you multiple times).

Or you’ve even worked with other estheticians.

Well, I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve heard your story hundreds, if not thousands of times. Here’s why we’re different:

• I give you the products you’ll need for your skin AND acne type and I’ll teach you how to use those products properly.

• I’ll also teach you what types of products to avoid!

(There’s a lot of misinformation out there.)

• I take diet and lifestyle into account (they are important).

• I, personally, want you to get clear and to STAY clear.

If this is what you’re looking for, purchase our “Say Goodbye to Acne” Kit to start getting rid of your acne today!

Ready to Say Goodbye to your Acne for good?

We have a 95% clearing rate. And you too can be clear in 3-4 months.

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Here’s what’s included in your “Say Goodbye to Acne” Kit:

• All the products that you’ll need to get clear and stay clear.

• Access to our support page which contains:

• Our Clear Skin Booklet (20 page book about all things acne)
• Bi-weekly emails with instructions on how to change up using your products to stay ahead of your breakouts
• Videos on how to use your products properly

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About the Program

Looking for expert help on your journey to clear skin, but don’t have time to visit an office? You’ve come to the right place. Virtual Clear Skin is an easy-to-use virtual acne coaching program proven to yield great results.

Our process is simple – we provide the consultation, products and resources you need to help you on your journey to clear skin. Even with a virtual process, our clients receive the same level of professional and personalized attention of an actual office visit.

Led by lead acne specialist, Teri Eastin, Virtual Clear Skin combines a customized acne coaching program designed specifically for your skin and acne type with hand-picked products to help you achieve clear skin in the comfort of your home.

Ready to begin your journey to clear skin?
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Intake Form

First, complete our Intake Form to outline details of your medical history needed to recommend treatment. Then, take our skin care quiz to help us understand your skin and acne type in order to develop a customized plan to help you feel better about what you see in the mirror. Finally, submit at least three high-resolution photos of your affected areas for our acne experts to examine.

Order Kit

Our team of experts analyze your Intake Form and Skin Care Quiz and create a personalized Clear Skin Coaching Kit complete with products suited for your skin and acne type.

Instructions and Videos

We successfully coach you on your journey to clear skin using our 20-page Clear Skin booklet, bi-weekly emails equipped with downloadable content, and interactive videos.

Your Favorite Products Delivered

We ship your personalized products straight to your door without trips to the doctor's office or pharmacy.